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South West MP called to break links with ‘gay cure’ organisation

Sign the petition calling on 16 MPs sever links with the charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education)which co-sponsored a ‘gay cure’ conference in April 2009.

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A religious charity which provides free interns to MPs has been linked to a ‘gay cure’ event, and the MPs benefiting from its support are being called to distance themselves.

CARE, a Christian charity, which provides interns for 16 MPs including South West Devon’s Gary Streeter, co-sponsored a ‘gay cure’ conference in 2009.

In 2000 Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw described CARE as `a bunch of homophobic bigots‘, and even The Telegraph said ‘Christian Action Research and Education (Care) has borrowed the tactics of America’s religious Right in its attempts to affect policy‘.

Those tactics involve, along with the ‘gay cure’ conference, campaigning against the legalisation of equal marriage rights and actively fundraising to provide sex and relationship education material to primary school age children.

When PRSD covered Gary Streeter’s relationship with CARE he said the group was ‘a moderate compassionate group trying to make the country better‘.

A petition has been set up calling for the MPs with CARE interns to publicly distance themselves from the organisation, as David Lammy has done.

The petition site says: “We are concerned that by accepting material support from CARE and actively participating in its Educational Leadership Programme, which seeks to place interns with Christians in public life, the MPs listed below [check out the site] could be seen to be implicitly supporting the views of the charity and, in turn, their co-sponsorship of a conference held on 24th and 25th April 2009 at which discussed “Therapeutic approaches to and understandings of Same-Sex Attraction.”

While we wait to hear if Gary Streeter thinks he is ‘implicitly supporting the views’ of CARE, pop over to the petition site to find out which MPs are involved and add your signature.

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One thought on “South West MP called to break links with ‘gay cure’ organisation

  1. Thank you for featuring my petition on your blog. It now has more signatories than the marjority of half the MPs on the list. Liz Kendall, MP for Leicester West, has now distanced herself from the charity, but there are 16 more MPs to go.

    I found out this weekend that a Director and Trustee of the charity concerned (CARE) also leads Anglican Mainstream, which co-sponsored the 2009 event and, in January this year, ran an event entitled “The Lepers Among Us : Homosexuality and the Life of the Church”, which called on churches to keep the lepers (gay people like us) among them so that they could cure our “same sex sins”.

    Gary Streeter MP told the People’s Republic of South Devon that my petition was “aggressive” and “based on falsehoods”. I have sent him this reply to set the record straight;

    Thank you for raising awareness about my petition, it is much appreciated.


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