Plymouth LGBT Pride Saturday 9th August 2014

Pride in Our Past Exhibition opens in Plymouth

The Heritage Lottery funded Pride in Our Past exhibition at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery opened to the public on 28th April. Over 100 invited guest joined volunteers and contributors at an evening reception and private view held on Friday May 4th.

This thought-provoking exhibition is based on new research into the City’s LGBT communities and includes personal stories, objects, photographs and more. It spans three centuries and captures the heart of the changing ‘scene’ over the decades, as well as the political struggle both past and present.

The exhibition includes the priceless 2000 year old ‘Warren Cup’ that is on loan from the British Museum in London, a portrait by Plymouth artist Robert Lenkiewicz, and one of the Beryl Cook paintings from the Lockyer Tavern.

iPADs at the Pride in Our Past exhibition surrounded by material contributed by Out Youth

The latest technology has also been incorporated in the exhibition with iPADS available to view hi res photo galleries or hear more of the oral histories that have been collected over the past year.

Relevant excerpts from the oral histories can be heard through PEN friends that hang next to many of the display panels.

One corner of the gallery is dedicated to ‘In Other Words‘ Plymouth’s famous gay bookshop, many books have been frozen for a period of time before being put on public display. Visitors are welcome to sit in the comfy seats and browse through the books, on the coffee table there is selection of children’s books.

In Other Words at Pride in Our Past exhibition Plymouth

Photo by Anna Whittall - 'In Other Words' at Pride in Our Past

Hilary Bracegirdle from the Heritage Lottery Fund spoke at the reception held on 4th May saying how pleased she was that Pride in Our Past is not a ‘token’ project and this is reflected in this amazing exhibition. Hillary will be providing positive feedback to lottery headquarters informing them how well the grant of £35000 has been spent.

Alan Butler was thanked by the chair of the forum,  he has worked tirelessly on the project with co-ordinator Helen Philips and whole series of volunteers.

A panel from the Pride in Our Past exhibition - Everyone's Business

Pride in Our Past 2012 - Everyone's Business

The exhibition will run until 30th June 2012 admission is FREE

Planning your visit 

Visit the Pride in Our Past project website for more information about the project and exhibition


2 thoughts on “Pride in Our Past Exhibition opens in Plymouth

  1. Hi I just want to say that I have visited the Pride in Our Past exhibition and thought it was amazing, visually stunning, I couldn’t take it all in so will return for another look. What are the plans for the future of the exhibition? It will be such a shame if this is a ‘flash in the pan’ event. LGBT people in Plymouth need permanent visibility and I hope this is the start of something good for us.

    • Thank you Andy for your feedback you are not alone several people have said that they will revisit to spend more time reading the panels and listening to the oral histories. Snippets of the recorded histories can be heard on the PEN-Friends around the exhibition and longer versions can be heard on one of the iPADS that are part of the Pride in Our Past exhibition. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

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